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About Us
Internet TV Player-Combo, an innovation-oriented high-tech enterprise, which was launched in 2008 Specialized in Internet TV industry. ITV BOX is leading in innovation, aiming to provide the public a cost-efficiency easy-to-operate TV terminal connected to the Internet. Users can enjoy hundreds of thousands of up-to-date HD movies, television series and other video programs on TV at home through our terminal, like a dream home theater featuring high resolution image and mass storage.
In 2008, developers launched earlier versions similar to ITV Box, which was the introduction of a HD Internet TV player to the world, and made great achievement in sales. It is appreciatedby the users for the (its) advanced technology, rich online contents, fast and smooth play and perfect HD quality. And now we are glad to bring you, the fouth-generation HD Internet TV player using P2P technology, which is more quicker, stable and fluent with sharper image and user-friendly operation.
To provide the audience more and better Internet video programs, ITV BOX presents Internet TV Guide Service ITV BOX, which sorts and re-arranges the videos from the content providers based on TV users' customized need. In addition, our cooperation with such well-known video sites as PPStream and Youku etc. gives the users totally free access to a mass of up-to-date and hot films & TV series.
The emerging Internet TV industry has a great prospect and good future. We hope to cooperate with content providers, copyright suppliers, hardware manufacturers and stakeholders in various fields to jointly promote and foster the development of the market and thus achieve mutual win.